Pricing & Tickets

Prices & Tickets

The epc 2018 is divided into different entry variant

Early booking until 30.09.2017Online from 01.10.2017On the spot
Day ticket for the exhibition visit without seminars9,00 EUR11,00 EUR14,00 EUR
Day ticket for the exhibition visit with seminars15,00 EUR18,00 EUR21,00 EUR
Event ticket for all events with seminara45,00 EUR49,00 EUR55,00 EUR

It is not possible to buy tickets exclusively for the specialist lecturers.

The visitors' tickets are personal and can only be passed on to a third party after special permission (illness, etc.) after authorization by the epc Rust. This transfer is made in compliance with the conditions of normal ticket sales.

How is the ticket purchase and the voucher entry for visitors?

Buy tickets

  • The visitor makes an online registration on the website of the epc 2018 The affiliation to the specialist visitors is proved by the visitor
  • The epc 2018 grants an appropriate authorization (login / password) for ticket purchase, provided that the affiliation to the trade visitors' circle can be confirmed.
  • Visitor's login to the epc 2018 ticketing offer.
  • Select the desired ticket
  • Payment by direct transfer, credit card or Paypal Display and transmission by e-mail as Print @ home ticket 
  • Printout of the ticket

Redeem voucher

  • The visitor receives a voucher from epc 2018 from an exhibitor
  • The visitor creates an online registration on the epc 2018 website
  • The recommendation by an exhibitor eliminates the need to review the trade visitors
  • Login of the visitor on the intersection of the epc 2018 to redeem a voucher 
  • The voucher number is converted into a stored ticket variant 
  • Display and transmission via e-mail as Print @ home ticket
  • Printout of the ticket

The ticket must be submitted for admission to epc 2018