The concept

The paragliding scene needs a specialized meeting

Independent - especially - expertized

The epc will be primarily, but not exclusively, for paragliding, ppg and hang glider experts.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be a series of lectures and seminars. On the first two days, they turn mainly to the experts and on the third day also to normal pilots. The lectures are held by 50% of speakers from the PG / PPG & HG area. The organizers attach great importance to being up-to-date. Technical topics may not be older than 36 months; older topics must contain a safety-relevant statement.
The second 50% are designed by related themes. Scientific approaches are preferred. The lectures are held both during the exhibition times and during the evening hours. The general should be English, and only in exceptional cases German.

Seminars are also offered for a limited number of participants for active cooperation (rescue packages, navigation, etc.). A total of 20 to 22 lectures and seminars are planned.